I’m a really pretty, vivacious, fun, industrious, sexy, hot mother of 7.5 (I’ll explain later) who loves The Lord.  People energize me…especially my husband!  He’s hot too!

Ok this is just funny. Of course I didn’t write that. My husband has been trying to get me up and running with this…so HE started this blog and wrote the opening sentence. Some of that IS true. I do have lots of kids and I do love the Lord. People do energize me. AND my husband is hot. But let’s start over.

Born on the fourth of July, I have often been described as a firecracker. I’ll admit, I’m not exactly sure if that’s suppose to be good. I always take it that way. Mostly because I love firecrackers. And celebrating. And being celebrated quite honestly. So if I’m a firecracker, I’m okay with that. But it hasn’t always been a celebration. There was a season when my life’s journey took a very sharp turn. Into a world that was dark and confusing and just difficult to the point of despair.  I’m not there now, it’s still fresh though. For everyone. My best friend said to me recently, “I don’t know what to call that time, so I just refer to it as the time when you were traveling”. My family and I affectionately now call it exactly that when we reference anything that happened during this nightmare of a time, “oh was that when you were traveling?”  Hence the name here, “whileiwastravelling”. Travelling with 2 “l”s. For two reasons, one; its the British spelling, which just seems sophisticated and one a world traveler would use and two; the extra “l” stands for life and lyme. We will get into that here. I’m sorry if you thought this was a vacation site. A place to check out the latest destinations. Not so much.