Log #2: Maybe it’s hormonal

Everyone has hard days. Days when they are in a funk. Days when you feel like you just aren’t quite right. I get that. But it had been too many days like that. I was waking up anxious. Usually it dissipated as the day went on. My response was to drag my bible over while still in bed and drink deep until I felt strong enough to get up and get going. That part was a gift of sorts. I would lean into God because I had to. Start my day in the posture of dependence. Usually the day would … Continue reading Log #2: Maybe it’s hormonal

Log #3: Am I going crazy?

There has been some history of fear in my life. And one thing that was deeply embedded in my mind was the idea of being crazy. Of actually not connecting with reality. I had seen it on the streets of San Francisco. People truly out of their mind. And I had seen it with my own father. I’m still not completely sure what happened with dad, but he had a  time when he, well, was crazy. That’s how I saw it. He had grand illusions, thought he might be Jesus and hallucinated. I guess that’s the same thing, thinking you’re … Continue reading Log #3: Am I going crazy?